Drop-shipping with Nerd Jar On-Demand

We're built for print-on-demand. Focus on what you do best, we'll take care of the rest.

  • Orders shipped within 48hrs
  • Sustainable materials and production
  • Reliable, high quality results
  • Wide range of eco-friendly products

Directly integrate your online shop

We can connect your Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, or Shopware store directly to our production. If you're using another platform, we can connect to your custom store via API.

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The value in sustainability

Sustainability doesn't have to come at a cost. Actually, we can only see the benefits...

  • Good for your conscience (obviously)
  • Differentiate your brand from competitors
  • Better quality textiles that sell & last
  • Growing consumer demand for sustainable products
  • And more...

Fast and efficient production

We use some of the most modern DTG printers and embroidery machines in the industry, and have coupled them with an IOT production system that supercharges our operations.

  • Orders shipped within 48hrs
  • Projection systems for design placement
  • Fewer errors, less waste, better quality results
  • Prints completed in <60 seconds
  • High-precision embroidery, wide colour range
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nerd jar print on demand drop-shipping membership account

Membership account

Coming soon

As a Nerd Jar customer, you'll gain access to a dedicated account area where you can manage all your payments and invoices.

We'll continue working on new features, which you'll gain immediate access to as they're released.

Why work with us?

Here's a few reasons you should choose Nerd Jar as your POD partner.


We charge on a per-order basis. No set-up fees, no hidden costs. Get started today, for free.


We work solely with high-quality blanks made from sustainable materials. Our inks carry GOTS certification and Oeko-Tex Passport. We use GOTS-certified cotton and recycled polyester threads for embroidery. Our packaging is 100% biodegradable, and our operations run on renewable energy.

Modern Production

We fulfill orders in real-time thanks to our software, machinery, and automation technology. This helps us maintain the best possible quality standards and still get orders shipped quickly, within 48hrs of being placed.

International Shipping

Through our shipping partners, PostNL and DHL, we offer affordable shipping options for any destination. So you can collect orders no matter where they come from. While our partners work hard to establish climate neutral delivery networks, we've also opted to offset any carbon emissions created as a result of our shipping activities.

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