Graphic Design Guides

The complete guide to learn how to get the best out of your designs.

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  • Minimum 300dpi resolution.
  • Maximum 400 x 500 mm for DTG
  • Maximum 770 x 330 mm for UV
  • RGB colour format


  • Minimum 300dpi resolution
  • Maximum 460 x 310mm area
  • Maximum 18 colours
  • RGB colour format

Direct to Garment Printing

For the best results on your product, we require a minimum of a 300ppi PNG to preserve any transparency you might have in the custom graphic.

In addition, we ask that you use RGB colour values when designing as our print software will convert this to CMYK for print.

The maximum printing area for DTG is 400 x 500mm, and for text we'd recommend restricting elements to a size of 10pt or more to keep the longevity and quality of your artwork.

Here at Nerd Jar we'd like to make anything possible, unfortunately there are some limitations of the current technology. This being said, we love to try new things and would be happy to try and tailor a solution for your business.

UV Printing

Similar to Direct to Garment printing, files should be a minimum of 300ppi PNG or PDF. Contact us directly for special embossing and gloss effects.

The maximum printing area is 770 x 330 mm with a depth of max. 100mm.


Embroidery requires a specialised digital file that tells the machine when, where and how to place the stitches. We ask that you upload 300dpi PNG files that we can digitise for you to offer the best quality design.

Using our 18 needle machine, we offer a wide variety of colours that you can use in your design. Don't see a colour that works for you? Recommend a thread colour.

For more details on embroidery design, see our Embroidery Design Guide.