About Us

We're a small but ambitious team, on a mission to make custom apparel more planet-friendly.

Our story

We started out as Nerd Jar Apparel, an eco-friendly online business with a drop-shipping model. Our goal was to offer simple, quirky designs on eco-friendly products and use our growth to help fund sustainability initiatives like reforestation and ocean cleanup. But, after months of research and working with various drop-ship suppliers, we found we were still struggling to find the right partner for our needs...

The problem always came down to (at least) one of two things: technology and sustainability.

Eventually, we decided to double down and offer the service that we had been looking for and launched Nerd Jar On-Demand, a modern textile print & embroidery service that makes sustainability its number one priority.

Today, using our state-of-the-art DTG printers and embroidery machines at our production facility in Amsterdam, we're proud to support businesses and individuals to make sustainably produced custom textiles on our eco-friendly blanks.

Why "Nerd Jar"? Why "On-Demand"?

We get this question a lot! We chose our name for a few reasons...

First, did you ever notice how many print-on-demand and embroidery providers have names playing on "shirt", "print", or something similar? There are a lot of them. But we're not like other providers – we're industry outsiders from technology & business backgrounds, and we're serious about sustainability, among other things. So we chose a name that clearly puts us in a different box.

The "nerd" in Nerd Jar is also part of our company culture, since we're passionate about what we do and are committed to continuously improving the way we do it. This applies to our sustainability initiatives, physical production, and all other aspects of our business.

The "on-demand" part refers to our software and automation technology which enables real-time production and means we don't work with any minimum order quantities.

Nerd Jar On-Demand Man in Woods Camping copy

Looking for a sustainable POD partner?

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